Nikolaos Artavanis

PhD Student,

Job Market Candidate

Department of Finance (Pamplin Business School)

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Curriculum Vitae

Job Market Paper


I am Nikolaos (Nikos) Artavanis, a senior Ph.D. student at the Department of Finance (Pamplin Business School) of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

This year I am a job market candidate (exp. graduation May 2013). My job market paper is titled "Downside risk and long-horizon stock return reversals". Currently I am working on my Ph.D. Thesis on downside risk measures, under the supervision of my advisors, Prof. Gregory Kadlec and Prof. Raman Kumar.

My first paper on downside risk, titled "On the Estimation of Systematic Downside Risk" discusses the appropriate methodology for the estimation of downside beta and presents a number of interesting empirical results. In particular, it shows that the role of downside risk has been greatly underestimated in the past literature and that downside beta, when properly defined, has increased ability to explain the cross-section of future returns, it predicts steeper slopes and insignificant intercepts in cross-section tests and cannot be subsumed by size and changes in the market value of equity as opposed to unconditional beta.

At the same time, I work on projects related to the recent financial crisis in Greece. The first project, "Tax Evasion across Industries: Soft Credit Evidence from Greece" (with Adair Morse & Margarita Tsoutsoura) has received extensive coverage by the media (Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Washington Post).